¡Hola! I am Vanesa Román.

Toronto-based graphic designer, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Advertisement at the Superior Art School of Algeciras (Spain). Proudly from Spain but now Toronto is my home—a multicultural city whose beauty and energy is a constant source of inspiration.

I love graphic design in general but I have passion on typography, branding and designs that make connections between people. I enjoy working with traditional techniques, it’s the origin of all graphic communications “pencil and paper is always the best start for a great idea”.


Art Direction, visual identity, naming, print & digital graphics, packaging and typography.


Design has to make connections between people and businesses, it needs a balance amidst strategy and creativity. It’s why my process is based on research, strategy and creation. I carefully developed all the details of your brand. From the smallest detail to the largest. I am currently looking for freelance opportunities and would love to work with you.


Want to work with me or just say hello? Send me an e-mail to hello@vanesaroman.ca or just leave a friendly message here!☞